How to Upgrade PS5 Storage

May 17, 2023
Justin Ankus

upgrade ps5 storage

Modern games demand much more storage capacity than what Sony provided with the PS5's internal SSD, so in 2021 Sony opened up its expansion slot so you could add another high-speed internal SSD. Upgrading PS5 storage doesn't pose much difficulty; all it requires is understanding which drives are compatible and installing them to access additional games.

Before installing your new SSD drive on a PlayStation 5 console, make sure it meets Sony's requirements (opens in new tab). These specifications include an NVMe speed and capacity that meet their criteria as well as heatsinks to prevent overheating. Failing to meet Sony's criteria may result in your new drive not functioning correctly and possibly damaging it. Once you've found an SSD compatible with Sony's specifications, follow this guide to install it successfully in the console.

Be sure to back up all your data on the internal PlayStation 5 SSD prior to starting, by accessing your Settings menu on PlayStation 5. After doing so, transfer any unplayed games or game saves to the new drive, including uninstalled programs or applications that you no longer wish to keep.

Once your new drive is prepared, turn off your console and allow it to cool before disassembling it. First, find and unscrew the screw with PlayStation shape symbols on it; after doing this, the expansion slot cover should slide off, revealing an M.2 slot underneath with screw holes for mounting screwdrivers compatible with M.2 connectors - use one compatible with that slot to secure it into place before attaching an M.2 SSD to format it using on-screen instructions.

After formatting is complete, you can slide the M.2 SSD into place and replace its expansion slot cover. Next, connect an external USB drive and go into Settings menu > Storage section on left-hand side screen where you can make USB storage device the default option.

Since you upgraded the internal storage on your PS5, you will now be able to download more games and store a larger amount of save data. Furthermore, an external SSD drive can now also act as an external hard drive for gaming PCs.

Upgrade your PS5 is straightforward, yet can still seem intimidating for beginners unfamiliar with opening electronics and working with screws. So we created this beginner-friendly guide which walks you step by step through the entire process - from initial preparation through installation with just the necessary tools and patience needed. Best wishes on your upgrade journey and we look forward to hearing about any experiences or tips shared below in comments!

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