How to Use a Brookstone Wine Opener

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

Having the right wine opener makes for a more enjoyable vino experience. The gizmo-meisters at Brookstone have devised an automated answer to the vino vicissitudes of extracting stoppers with this cordless, battery-operated opener that requires just the push of a button. While the opener still requires a bit of manual strength, it does most of the work, allowing you to relax and focus on savoring the bottle and the company of your guests.

Unlike other battery-operated openers, this one doesn't require an extra charging base and it holds a charge for up to 30 bottles before you need to recharge the batteries. It also has a manual foil cutter built into its stand. This opener works with both natural and synthetic corks, and it is easy to use. During our testing, it took a bit longer than other openers to charge and the down button needs to be held down a bit more firmly to drill into the cork.

Known as a waiter's friend, this is the style of wine opener you see at bars, restaurants, and vineyard tasting rooms. It's not the easiest to master but with a little practice, you can be opening bottle after bottle like a pro. To start, cut the foil and place the worm into the bottle. Position it so the levers are down and push the down-arrow button. Continue to twist the spiral into the cork about six and a half turns — don't center it or you may run into issues upon extraction.

David Sunnyside
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