How to Use a Meme for Business

February 10, 2024
David Sunnyside

A meme is a cultural phenomenon that captures a moment or trend and shares it across platforms. It can be as simple as an expressive image and block text or as complex as a video with an elaborate narrative. They can be short-lived, like the Dancing Baby, or endure for years. They can be funny, inspiring, or sad. Many are designed to be a challenge for people to solve. Some are easy to understand, such as the Yawning Man or Slender Man. Others can be confusing or even scary. Some may even be controversial, such as the Be Right There meme that references a terrorist attack.

There are a few rules to follow when using a meme for business. First, make sure it fits with your brand and its audience. Next, be careful not to change the meaning of the meme, which can cause confusion or even lead to a hate campaign against your company. Finally, be sure to use it as soon as it becomes popular—before interest dies down.

Memes can be used to highlight a certain event or trend, such as the Met Gala and its many celebrity outfits or an election. They can also be used to illustrate a particular emotion or idea. For example, the “I’m so tired” meme can be used to express frustration or exhaustion. Other memes may be about work or different professions, such as this meme about a girl who works hard and is ready to take a vacation.

David Sunnyside
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