How to Use a YouTube Ripper

May 16, 2023
Justin Ankus

YouTube provides various means for accessing videos, from streaming them online and downloading them for offline playback or editing purposes. Many people turn to YouTube to watch music videos or clips of their favorite shows or movies; others wish to download these videos for offline viewing or editing, though there are various apps which make this possible - some free while others require subscription fees for use.

Some video ripper apps work similarly, though their exact implementation will depend on your operating system and app itself. Some will only enable downloading of audio streams while others provide full video files. Some allow for customized quality downloads while others only offer one resolution option.

Utilizing a youtube ripper can save space on your device while making editing videos or listening to music easier. It is an invaluable resource for those on-the-go who don't have much free time, as well as those looking for specific clips from a video to use in productions but do not own its original copy.

The top YouTube ripper apps are designed for ease of use with intuitive interfaces that make selection easy, letting you choose what file type and size is desired, pausing or restarting downloads without losing progress and supporting mobile, desktop computers as well as tablets and smartphones.

One of the top YouTube ripper apps available today is YouTube Premium, which enables you to download any video directly onto your phone or computer from YouTube's platform. However, keep in mind that this only works with videos uploaded by creators who allow it and does not work with music videos or any non-YouTube content. In order to access YouTube Premium services you will also require a subscription that costs $12 monthly or $7 if eligible for student plans.

Airy is another effective YouTube ripper, enabling users to download any video for offline viewing on both mp4 and flv formats, as well as convert videos into an audio-only mp3 file format. Furthermore, Airy allows for playlists and videos from other platforms as well as setting up proxy servers so you can access websites blocked in your region.

To use this YouTube ripper, just open the app and paste a URL of a video you want to download into it, select your video of choice and press Download. A download status page will show how much of it has already been downloaded along with an estimated completion date - plus you can pause or resume download at any time; additionally you have options available to you whether to save a local or cloud copy.

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