How to Use GIFs to Communicate With Your Audience

July 16, 2023
David Sunnyside

GIFs are everywhere on the internet, but did you know they’re also a useful communication tool for your business? GIFs are a fun and quick way to communicate with your audience, especially when paired with a relevant call-to-action.

You can make a GIF in any video-making software, and it doesn’t have to be super long or high-quality; as long as it has good audio and a clear subject, a few frames should be enough to convey the desired message. Most GIF-making apps will let you add text, effects and other visuals as well, but the important part is understanding your audience and what kind of message your brand needs to send.

While a GIF isn’t as high-quality as a photo, it does offer an advantage in its short format and speedy uploads. Additionally, GIFs are compatible with most modern web browsers and mobile devices, meaning they can easily be viewed on a wide range of platforms and devices.

A GIF can express emotion much more quickly than a single photo, and it can be used to show off your personality or highlight a particular moment in a video. If you’re sharing a reaction GIF of your favorite episode of Broad City, it will convey to your audience that you love and relate to the same things they do.

The best GIFs are often a combination of multiple photos, but they can also be simple animations. You can even use a GIF to show how your product works – just be sure the GIF matches your audience’s expectations and is in line with your brand’s voice.

David Sunnyside
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