How to Use Madefire - How to Use a Tin Can As a Fire Starter

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

How To Use Madefire:

In a survival scenario, you can use a tin can as a fire starter. You can also cook food in it. In particular, re-heating liquids like stews or soups can be done in this way. Also, it's a good way to heat up water for drinking if you can't put it in a vessel that can go directly on the fire.

The best thing about this method is that you don't need any kind of special tools to get it to work. Just about anyone has a tin can lying around in their house, and you can usually find them at the dollar store or thrift stores for really cheap. This is a great alternative to using chemicals like lighter fluid.

Unlike other comics apps like comiXology, which has Guided View mode, Madefire is all about "motion" comics. The app displays most pages a panel at a time, with the user controlling the timing of when each page is revealed. Word balloons drop in, panels can slide in or out and move slightly, and there are some effects thrown in for good measure like a bit of sparkle, smoke, or motion.

Founded by industry luminaries Ben Wolstenholme (CEO/Founder), a seasoned designer educated at University of the Arts London, Eugene Walden (CTO), an award-winning UI architect and mobile pioneer, and Liam Sharp, an esteemed illustrator and co-creator of the mini-series Death's Head II, Madefire is positioned to disrupt the digital publishing world. And they're off to a strong start, with titles like DC's Injustice: Year One and the Madefire original Mono: The Old Curiosity Shop already in the works.

David Sunnyside
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