How to Use the Motif Duo Breast Pump

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

If you’re a new mom looking for a great double breast pump, the Motif Duo is a wonderful option. It’s easy to use and comes with a handy lanyard for hands-free pumping! It also has a lot of great features, including memory mode, which remembers your favorite settings and lets you quickly start a new pump session.

The Motif Duo has a closed system, meaning that it has a special membrane that prevents any backflow from getting into the motor and the tubing. This is really important because it keeps your pumps clean and prevents milk from leaking out of the pump. This feature isn’t available in many other pumps, so it’s a huge plus for us!

First, turn on your pump and select the massage mode. Place the breast shield on your nipple and make sure that it is centered in the tunnel of the shield. Then, connect the diaphragm bottom to the breast shield connector and the tubing to the connector on the main body of the pump.

Now, begin to pump. When you’re done, stop the pump and massage your breast with a warm towel to encourage expression.

Motif Medical’s newest pump, the Motif Duo, has many great features that make it the perfect choice for new or returning pumpers. It’s portable, lightweight and has an LCD screen so you can keep track of battery life, levels, timings and more! It even has a ten-level massage mode to help you stimulate your milk flow. And when you’re ready to express, simply press the mode button to switch to expression mode. The Motif Duo will automatically shut off after 30 minutes, which is great if you fall asleep or are distracted while pumping.

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