How to Use WiFi Calling on Your iPhone

July 15, 2023
David Sunnyside

With WiFi calling on your iphone, you can keep in touch with clients and coworkers even without a strong cellular signal. This feature is available for most major cellular carriers. And if you’re traveling internationally, it can help you avoid international roaming charges.

To use wifi calling on your iphone, make sure that the phone is connected to a WiFi network. Then go to Settings and turn on WiFi calling. You’ll see a green “WiFi calling” icon next to your carrier’s name on the status bar.

This feature works by converting voice into data packets. These packets are then transmitted over the core data networks to the wireless carrier’s network and back again to the phone. This makes it possible to place calls in places where a cellular connection isn’t available, like the corner office of your remote workspace or the subway station deep underground.

You can also use WiFi calling to connect with family and friends across the country or around the world. All you need is an iCloud-connected device and a compatible Apple carrier plan. And if you’re using an Apple Watch or an iPad, you can even answer calls and make video meetings through FaceTime.

WiFi calling is free, but it does count against your cellular minutes. That means that any calls you make or receive using this method will deduct from your monthly minutes allotment, if you have one, and any applicable cellular fees. If you’re not sure whether a call will use your cellular data, check with your cellular carrier for details.

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