How to Write a Yelp Review Anonymously

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

how to write a yelp review anonymously

Yelp is a powerful business marketing tool that allows consumers to share their opinions about local businesses. However, some customers or patients may be concerned about their privacy and prefer to write a review anonymously. Some of these reviews can be particularly damaging to a business. The good news is that there are several ways to write a yelp review anonymously.

First, try reaching out to the customer directly. Often times, with a little bit of stellar customer service, the customer will be happy to remove the review. However, if they aren’t willing to do so, there are legal tools that can be used to remove the review.


False accusations about a business are a violation of defamation law and can be removed from the internet if they are reported to the proper authorities. However, Yelp has a reputation for not arbitrating these types of issues and will only remove reviews at their discretion.

How to edit a yelp review

To edit a yelp review, click on the “Edit this Review” button below the business name, average rating and category on the right side of the page. Then choose whether to change the star rating, add a comment or delete the review entirely.

Be careful when changing a business’s review because the change will be seen by everyone on the site. If you want to make a change and don’t want it to show to the public, change it in your account settings or send a message to Yelp’s customer support team.

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