How Will Technology Help People With Disabilities Become More Transportation Independent?

September 11, 2023
David Sunnyside

Assistive technology or AT enables people with disabilities to perform activities of daily living like using electronic devices, computers and smartphones. It is also used for assisting with mobility in public and private venues that are often difficult to navigate. This technology focuses on helping them overcome barriers of access and inclusion, and allows them to live life to the fullest by providing them with the ‘just enough’ support they need.

Aside from removing accessibility barriers, assistive technology can help in other areas of their lives as well. In the field of education, there are assistive technologies that allow students with disabilities to learn more efficiently. This includes the use of assistive technology in the form of accessible keyboards, braille key labels, and other digital tutorial options for people with visual or physical impairments. It can also include the use of screen readers and text-to-speech software to allow blind or visually impaired individuals to stay connected to their computers, for example JAWS, NVDA and Voiceover.

Another area where assistive technology can be helpful is in complex and busy venues, like airports or train stations. There, human assistance is available in the form of staff members that are booked to help people with disabilities navigate through the venue or find their way around. However, this type of service may limit the flexibility of how people with disabilities can move within a complex venue. Luckily, a solution is on the way: navigation apps that are designed to help people with disabilities be more transportation independent. They are already being tested in places such as Barcelona’s public transit system or the archaeological museum of Murcia, for instance.

David Sunnyside
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