Hoyt Carbon Spyder FX Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

hoyt carbon spyder fx review

The hoyt carbon spyder fx review is an excellent choice for a small, light weight hunting bow that combines speed and accuracy with a comfortable draw and a quiet shot. This bow is made to perform up in a tree stand or down in a ground blind without compromising manoeuvrability. The DFX cam and half system is smooth and reliable and the limb dampeners keep things dead silent. This bow is a great option for hunting, target shooting or even 3D.

Hollow Carbon

Hoyt uses a fusion of three distinct hollow carbon tubes tougher than aluminium and precision-laid for structural optimisation. This allows the riser to absorb 11 times more energy without permanent deformation compared to aluminium and eliminates riser vibration.

DFX Cams with optional limb stop

A first-of-its kind optional limb stop for rock-solid back wall rigidity and zero-play at full draw. The new DFX cams with limb stop are also available in custom colours to give your bow a unique look. DFX cams are designed to offer the best combination of shootability and performance for pinpoint accuracy and deadly stealth.

David Sunnyside
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