HP DeskJet 2752e Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

deskjet 2752e review

Designed to deliver a hassle-free experience for printing, scanning and copying everyday documents. It offers a compact design, better range and faster connections with dual-band Wi-Fi and self-reset. Complete projects with simple printing at home and scan and share to Dropbox, Google Drive or email, using your smartphone or the free HP Smart app.

This printer is part of the 2700e all-in-one series and shares many of the same features and performance as the 2755e model we tested, which is a bit more expensive. The only difference is that the 2755e includes a six-month subscription to HP Instant Ink, a service that automatically sends replacement cartridges when you run low on ink.

Text quality

We measure how crisply and clearly a model prints black text on five consecutive, plain, letter-sized sheets of standard brightness and thickness. A score of Excellent means that each character is easily legible, while a score of Fair indicates that characters are not readily identifiable.

Photo print quality

We evaluate the quality of a photo print by measuring its color accuracy and reproduction, as well as how closely it reproduces fine details. We also look for a photo to have an attractive overall appearance, including natural-looking colors and smooth transitions. The DeskJet 2755e produces attractive photo prints, with natural-looking colors and accurate reproduction of fine details. However, it tends to overemphasize red and yellow hues, giving some photos a warmer look than may be apparent in the original image.

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