HP G72 Laptops Review

May 17, 2023
Justin Ankus

hp g72 laptops

HP G72 laptops are stylish yet cost-effective devices with stunning displays. Though heavier at 3kg, they are capable of withstanding daily abuse from students or home computer users and feature some unexpected extras.

HP G72 laptops offer great value at their price point, thanks to a 17-inch display that's ideal for work, movies, or games. Their stylish chassis adds a nice touch, with their large keyboard containing separate numeric keypad sized just right; though some keys feel shallow without sufficient differentiation when typing; similarly the trackpad feels slightly plasticky with no clear boundaries limiting accidental swipes; making for an overall pleasing experience overall.

This system features a 2.4GHz Intel Core i3-370M Processor with 4GB DDR3 Memory and 500GB Hard Drive storage. Furthermore, its 17.3 inch HD (1600x900) LED display features BrightView technology for optimal viewing experience. Furthermore, Intel UMA HD graphics provide sufficient performance for most users; however gamers may find difficulty working on more demanding titles.

One great feature of this computer is that both its RAM and hard disk are upgradeable, giving you greater control over its performance by upgrading both components. More RAM will help speed application loads up quickly while increasing overall responsiveness of the system; you could even swap out for one larger hard drive which will provide more storage for all your files and applications.

Another outstanding feature of this laptop is the DVD drive. This allows you to use your computer as a DVD player - perfect for watching movies or TV shows! Unfortunately, its optical drive doesn't spin at 7200rpm so accessing data may take slightly longer compared to devices with faster hard disk drives.

Battery Life for this Computer Is Outstanding When Comparing it With Similar Models | HP Notebook The battery life on this laptop is exceptional for such an advanced processor; with over 230 minutes, its superiority exceeds most laptops in this price range and will make an ideal companion for anyone working or playing from home.

Overall, this laptop is outstanding and we highly recommend it to those looking for a desktop replacement with an incredible screen. Unfortunately, its tinny speakers detract from its overall experience; however, given that you can purchase this unit for such an incredible bargain price; click here for more information about hp g72 laptops.

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