HP Omen 870-213W Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

hp omen 870213w review

Article about hp omen 870-213w review

HP's Obelisk desktop packs a lot of power in a relatively small frame. It's also fully upgradeable (though the right side panel is a pain to remove, and HP didn't use standardized parts for all of its models, making it difficult to replace some of the components). Our model comes with a 256GB SSD drive for the operating system and a 1TB hard drive for storage, but you can get it with either option or more storage. Software includes the Omen Command Center, which lets you monitor CPU temperatures and utilization, benchmark the computer, change case lighting and more. Bloatware is limited to Netflix, Hotspot Shield Free VPN and the trial version of McAfee Personal Security. The computer takes DDR4 PC4-17000 2133MHz Non-ECC DIMM memory.

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