HP Pavilion 15-AY068NR - How to Replace a Battery

January 24, 2023
David Sunnyside

hp 15 ay068nr

If you are looking to upgrade your HP laptop then consider the Pavilion 15-AY068NR. It's packed with great features including a Full HD screen and an Intel(r) Core i7 processor. And you won't be disappointed with the performance and quality of this machine.

The HP Pavilion 15-AY068NR is also powered by an 8GB memory. This makes it a solid contender for best overall laptop. Plus, it comes with a whopping 16GB of storage. That's more than enough to store all your media.

Of course, a laptop can't function without the proper battery. So, you'll need to find the right kind to ensure the machine's longevity. In terms of specifications, the Pavilion 15-AY068NR comes with an energy efficient 45 watt AC adapter.

If you're wondering how to replace your battery, it's a simple process. To start, remove the old battery. Once the battery has been removed, you'll need to insert the new one. While it's in place, you'll notice a little notch on the top of the battery. Next, you'll want to press the "battery release" button. When the button is pressed, the battery will unlock, making it easy to remove.

Besides the battery, the Pavilion 15-AY068NR also comes with an intelligent internal circuit board. This component is the brains behind the new laptop's battery technology. With its intelligent features, it's able to protect your battery from overcharge, over-discharge and thermal runaway. Additionally, it's got a snazzy ribbon cable and a 30 day money back guarantee, too.

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