Human Charger Review

May 26, 2023
David Sunnyside

The human charger is a sleek and portable wearable that can boost energy, combat SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), jet lag, and mental alertness. It uses light to stimulate photosensitive receptors in the brain, delivering a range of benefits including improved mood and energy, aiding sleep and reducing jet lag and winter blues. The device is easy to use, simply place the lights into your ears and press one button – sessions last for 12 minutes and can be repeated as necessary.

The lights are built into earbuds and look just like a regular pair of headphones, but the only difference is that they emit a bright white light. The lights are designed to be comfortable enough that you can use them while doing other activities – such as working or watching TV. The main unit can be recharged using the included micro USB cable and it will last for a number of sessions before it needs to be charged again. The instructions that come with the device recommend different usage based on your goal, for example jet lag treatment involves using the charger first thing in the morning and then in the early afternoon four times a day at two hour intervals until you feel recovered from your flight.

The device was developed by Valkee, a company out of Finland. They have conducted a number of studies to test the effects of the device and found that it can significantly reduce the symptoms of jet lag, such as fatigue, inertia and a lack of focus. The results are published in a paper that was recently printed in the Aerospace Medicine and Human Performance journal.

David Sunnyside
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