Hydra Light Review

July 8, 2023
David Sunnyside

The Hydra Light is an LED fixture that uses a proprietary metal alloy to produce more PAR (Photosynthetic Auxiliary Radiation) compared to other comparable fixtures. It is able to deliver at least 274 umol/s at 120V which will provide for good vegetative growth and decent flowering in typical 3x3 or larger veg beds. The Hydra also performs better than Spider Farmer’s popular SF-1000 in terms of total photon output.

This flashlight is an innovative alternative to traditional batteries as it doesn’t need any electric battery to run. It relies on water to charge its energy cells which can be used over and over again. It claims to last 12-50 times longer than standard batteries.

It is very easy to use as it is ready to go straight out of the box and requires no charging time. It can also be used to charge phones and other devices as it incorporates a USB port. This feature is a great addition as it means that the Hydra Light can reach a much wider audience.

Another benefit of this product is that it doesn’t require a specific type of water to work which makes it very useful for people living in underdeveloped countries. It is also eco-friendly as it avoids the need for people to purchase and dispose of batteries. This will also help to reduce waste and environmental pollution. The Hydra Light is also very durable and can be used in harsh conditions. It can even be used to illuminate camping trips and other outdoor adventures.

David Sunnyside
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