iBasso DX240 Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

ibasso dx240 review

The ibasso dx240 is the successor of everyone’s favourite DX220. It has one of the most vibrant signatures I have experienced on a portable player so far and it just paints a very accurate portrait when it comes to capturing the vibe and energy of a song. It also has great dynamics and can give a very realistic presentation to vocals, instruments and even full orchestral recordings.

The DX240 uses the new ESS9038Pro, their latest flagship DAC chip that is capable of delivering a very high dynamic range of up to 132dB and THD+N of -122dB. The DAC is capable of decoding MQA files and it supports all of the current audio codecs available.

In the lower midrange the DX240 has a natural sounding tonality that avoids any dryness or being too sterile, especially with male vocals. The upper midrange is a little more forward and energetic, but it’s still very controlled and can be quite pleasant to listen to.

iBasso uses the same modular amp design for their DX series of players and it’s compatible with all their amp modules from Amp 1 through Amp 8. They even included faceplates to match the older modules for those who want them. The iBasso DX240 also has a large 4400mAh Li-Polymer battery that will last around 11.5 hours over the 3.5mm single-ended output and up to 16 hours with the balanced output. It also supports QC3.0, PD2.0 and MTK PE+ quick charging options.

David Sunnyside
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