Icebug Shoes Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

icebug shoes review


If you live in an area where there is a lot of snow or ice, you need a good set of shoes for walking on them. Icebug is a company that makes specialized footwear with carbide studs that are very effective for this type of condition. Their shoes and boots are designed to be a bit like a hiking boot with a sole that can be replaced with studs when the conditions change.

The studs on the Icebug shoe are known as BUGrip and they work by pushing in as you walk or jog. There are typically 15-19 studs inserted into the outsole which are made from a special rubber compound. There are a number of different sizes and styles of studs so you can get the ones that best fit your needs.

Using a special technology, the studs are designed to work independently from one another so that they only press in when you walk or jog on a hard surface such as ice or packed snow. When you are on a soft surface such as grass or mud the studs retract to allow for normal footing.

Unlike other trail running shoes with big square or chevron shaped lugs, the lugs on this shoe are angled and spaced to channel the mud away from the bottom of the shoe. This design keeps the shoe lighter and more flexible for fitness walking. The shoes have a relatively short heel-to-toe drop and a very minimal feel. They are not a great choice for rocky terrain as they lack protection from hidden rocks and roots.

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