If I Turn Off iMessage Will I Still Receive Messages?

July 30, 2023
David Sunnyside

Turning off iMessage will stop it from sending and receiving text messages using Apple's network; instead, SMS protocols used by cell phone networks to exchange texts will take over instead. SMS texts typically have monthly allotments of 50 messages while iMessage can contain photos, video, and other media content that exceed them; turning off iMessage can save cellular data costs as well as avoid exceeding any monthly text message limits set by wireless carriers.

If you are transitioning from an iPhone to another type of device, deactivating iMessage on both will prevent text messages sent by friends using iPhones from being delivered directly to your new one, potentially missing important messages from them. Luckily, there's an easy way to deactivate iMessage so your new Android phone remains synced up.

Disabling iMessage on an iPhone can be done by opening the Settings app, tapping Messages, and then toggling off iMessage using its switch. After doing this, all future messages sent via iMessage will appear green instead of showing the familiar iMessage bubble icon; furthermore, when typing text into your text input field on iPhone it will say "Text Message" rather than "iMessage."

Only downside of this method is that iPhone users will now see your text messages as regular SMS, meaning you won't be able to read or respond as quickly. But you can always toggle back iMessage by going back into Messages settings and switching it on again.

If you own an older iPhone, iMessage can also be disabled by selecting Conversation > Send as SMS > Select Send as SMS to continue using it while still benefitting from all its advantages. This way, all its benefits remain available to you while using your older device without worry or inconvenience.

There's no official way of using iMessage on Android devices yet, though hacky solutions exist online. Unfortunately, however, these methods tend to break often and don't warrant the effort; hopefully one day Apple will provide its users with an official and seamless way of moving from iPhone to Android devices.

iMessage is a fantastic feature available to Apple users on Macs, iPads and iPhones that allows for communication among themselves and others. However, when working on your computer and constantly being interrupted by texts coming through it can become distracting - fortunately there's an easy way to disable iMessage on your Mac so you can focus on work uninterrupted by texts coming in! To do so simply follow these steps:

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