If You Can Read This, Chances Are You Have a Pretty Solid Brain

January 16, 2024
David Sunnyside

If you can read this, chances are you have a pretty solid brain. Our formidable minds are able to decode jumbled words, blurred text and even upside-down paragraphs. And now, we're putting our abilities to the test with a new challenge.

According to Jon Andoni Dunabeitia, who leads a group of cognitive scientists, most fluent English speakers can interpret this message without much difficulty. He explains that our brains automatically treat numbers like letters because they are so similar to them.

The key to understanding scrambled text is recognizing what each letter normally sounds like. That's why it is easier to understand words when their first and last letters are preserved (toatl vs. pelborm, for example). When letters are switched farther apart, it's more difficult to make sense of them. That's why rscheearch is easier to understand than porbelm. For more fascinating articles like this, subscribe to Business Insider.

David Sunnyside
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