In Which Market Would a Producer Buy the Equipment and Technology Needed to Manufacture Bicycles?

September 11, 2023
David Sunnyside

The question in which market would a producer buy the equipment and technology needed to manufacture bicycles is of interest not only for bike manufacturers but also for retailers, service providers, and consumers. The answer can be found in the business model context, as the company must have a value proposition to create the potential for a profitable product offering. Specifically, the focus lies on how value creation is retained and products can be reused without losing their functionality or quality. In this regard, the concept of additive remanufacturing represents a viable approach.

Additive remanufacturing is a manufacturing process that consists of disassembling components and restoring them to the condition of a new product (Steinhilper, 1999). In addition to ensuring the functionality of electric bicycles, this method reduces production costs and conserves resources. Additive remanufacturing has already established itself in the automotive aftermarket and is used for components such as engines, transmissions, and alternators. It is therefore worth examining the possibility of applying this technique to the remanufacture of electric bicycles, especially given the high value of individual components such as the accumulator and electric motor, which are particularly prone to damage and wear.

To evaluate the feasibility of this strategy, a survey was conducted among 45 workshops for electric bicycles. Participants were asked to provide statements about the market development forecast, their experiences with electric bicycle components, damages and repair options, and whether they had knowledge of additive remanufacturing.

David Sunnyside
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