Innisfree Aqua Fit Cushion Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

innisfree aqua fit cushion review

Cushion foundations have been all the rage in Korean beauty, but many brands only offer a few shades. This is a problem because it alienates a huge chunk of the makeup-loving world. Thankfully, more brands are starting to see the need to expand their shade ranges. One of the latest is Innisfree, which just released their Matte Full Cover Cushion and Aqua Fit Cushion in 14 new shades, six of which are for darker skin tones.

I'm a huge fan of Innisfree's products, and their foundation is no exception. It gives me a smooth, matte finish without looking cakey. It also combines mint extract and Jeju Green Tea Extract to hydrate my skin. It's also a great product for oily skin because it prevents sebum production, making your complexion look fresh and glowy all day. This product is a great addition to any makeup bag, especially for those who like to touch up during the day.

The packaging is pretty simple and sleek, which is a trend with Innisfree products. There is a mirror built into the compact, and it comes with a puff to apply the foundation. This product also has a slight scent that is a mix of green tea, herbs and florals.

This product is available for $12 at Ulta and online, and it comes with a refill that you can switch out whenever your original foundation gets too empty. This product is also compatible with the Microfit, Glassyfit and Settingfit cushion refills.

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