Instagram Repeating Stories - How to Fix It

March 10, 2024
David Sunnyside

Instagram is a great way to share photos and videos with the world. Its Stories feature lets you create a short video or photo with text and music, and it also lets you add location, hashtags, and more. But sometimes, the app can glitch out, causing the same story to repeat over and over. If you’re experiencing this issue, read on for a few solutions.

Instagram Repeating Stories: How to Fix It

One of the most common reasons that Instagram might keep replaying your stories is because you have a slow internet connection. If your phone or tablet has a poor internet connection, it can cause the apps to crash or behave unexpectedly. Alternatively, it could be that there’s an issue with the Instagram server itself.

Usually, the people you follow on Instagram will show up in your feed in chronological order, but sometimes the platform will start showing the same person’s Stories over again. This is because of the algorithm that Instagram uses to show you content it thinks you’ll find relevant. It’s designed to give you a more personalized experience by showing you the Stories of those who you interact with most.

But it seems that the algorithm has been messed up recently because lots of Instagram users have been complaining about their Stories repeating over and over again. Meta/Instagram has acknowledged the issue and is working on a solution for this bug. This morning, the company released a new update for Instagram for iOS that appears to include a fix for this problem. The update’s notes only say that it includes “bug fixes and performance improvements,” but The Verge staffers and others online are reporting that the fix has worked to resolve the issue of Instagram Stories repeating over and over again.

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