Interesting Uses for Virtual Reality You May Not Know About

December 8, 2021
David Sunnyside

We live in a golden age of innovation where digital technology is transforming the world in a rapid space. So far, we have seen a rise in smartphone inventions, the internet, and media advancements, among other technological breakthroughs. But one area that has continued to gain popularity is virtual reality (VR). While VR has mostly been associated with the gaming industry, it turns out that there are other new opportunities where it's being applied. Therefore, here are a few interesting fields in which VR is used that you probably didn't know about.

Classroom Learning and Education

The uses of virtual reality (VR) don't stop in the gaming industry. It also extends to the classrooms. The vast experiences provided by VR can be used to expand students' knowledge by creating a simulated learning environment. For instance, students can be taken on virtual trips to the solar system, museums or even encounter the ancient dinosaurs. Through such interactive platforms, students get the chance to improve their cognitive learning much faster and efficiently.

Medical Training

The medical field is one of the sectors that has benefited from virtual reality. Most medical centers are gaining interest in how they can generate 3D models of patient anatomy to help in the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. One of the main reasons VR technology is useful in medical training is that it's safe and cost-effective. More importantly, VR eliminates the pain that would otherwise be inflicted on patients in real-life practice. Companies like AppliedVR can offer these deeply researched VR platforms for improved quality healthcare services.

Treating Mental Disorders

In the contemporary world, cases of mental disorders have been on a significant rise. This is probably due to demographic changes, tough economic periods, and frequent diseases such as the covid pandemic. More people are becoming victims of depression, anxiety, PTSD, and autism. Luckily, through medical research, VR has proven to cure or manage some mental disorders. For example, VR can help relieve one from past trauma or fear hence managing anxiety and PTSD. Consequently, VR can help boost brain activity and imaging, which is good for autistic patients.

Military Training

Some of the advanced militaries around the world are now using VR to train their soldiers before actual deployment. Through simulations, VR makes it possible to train soldiers under pressurized situations that resemble a real battlefield. These training include flight simulations, virtual boot camp, medic training, accurate shooting, to name a few. A key benefit of VR technology in the military is that it improves the resiliency and toughness of military personnel.

Final Thoughts

When you talk of modern technological inventions, you have to mention the up-and-coming advances of virtual reality. In the recent past, VR technology has gained more popularity in the gaming industry. In fact, the sales of VR devices and software have increased tremendously. While many people focus on gaming consoles, VR is also utilized for other purposes, such as the ones mentioned above, and proves to be a helpful tool in various sectors of modern life.


David Sunnyside
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