International Link-Building Tips For SEO Success(2024)

February 6, 2024
Natalie Thorburn

Are you an SEO expert, content marketer, or marketing agency looking for tips to build international backlinks? Or are you a business owner seeking to expand your audience internationally online? – If yes, then a blog is for you.

In this blog, we will provide you with the finest tips to build international backlinks that help you enhance your audience reach, increase website visibility, and expand your online presence.

The aim of writing this blog is to help SEO experts and local and small-scale businesses expand their reach and compete with the international market for more significant opportunities.

Let’s get started.

International Link Building: What it is and what is its need?

International link building is a strategic practice of acquiring backlinks from websites based in different countries and regions.

Unlike traditional link building that predominantly focuses on local sources, international link building extends its reach across diverse cultures and languages.

For example, you have a website with valuable content in a specific niche, perfectly optimized for search engines. But it's only visible to people in your own country.

That's where international link-building comes in. It's a way of acquiring high-quality backlinks from websites in other countries, which helps you boost your visibility and search engine ranking in those regions.

Further, with international backlinks, you can craft diverse backlink profiles that compel a picture of a trusted and authorized website globally.

So, how will you create an international link for your website? How to get started? And are the tools required to develop international links? – Hey, don't worry; find all the answers in the next section.

5 tips to for International Backlinks for SEO Success

Here are the 5 tips that you should follow to cultivate international backlinks for SEO success:

1. Build Relationships with International Influencers:

Relationships in SEO are considered as currency. And when it comes to international link building, local influencers of a specific region can become a passport to enter the area you want to be.

International influencers now are not just considered bloggers or social media stars; they are the pulse of their audience. Making relationships with such influencers for international link-building can help you authentically connect with diverse global audiences.

But how do you become more than just another face in their inbox?

Here's how to build lasting relationships that lead to natural, high-quality backlinks:

Do Your Research:

Identify the relevant influencers in each target market. Study their content, understand their audience, and find common ground. Don’t stay strangers; contribute, work, and participate in their online communities.

Offer value, Not Just Request:

Don't just ask for backlinks. Offer valuable insights, share your expertise, and contribute to their content creation. Be a resource, not a burden.

Collaboration is Key:

Partner with influencers on co-created content, interviews, or joint webinars. This leverages your combined expertise and reaches a broader audience, increasing the chances of organic backlinks.

Be Patient and Persistent:

Building relationships takes time and effort. Don't expect overnight success. Be consistent, show genuine interest, and nurture the connection.

Celebrate Success and Share the Spotlight:

When you receive a backlink, don't just say thanks and disappear. Share the article on your platforms, tag the influencer, and show your appreciation publicly. This strengthens the connection and makes future collaborations more likely.

Remember, international link-building is a marathon, not a sprint. By focusing on genuine relationships with global influencers, you'll not only earn high-quality backlinks but also build brand awareness, trust, and long-term success in your target markets.

2. Check Local Competitor Link

Analyzing competitor backlinks may be the most common tip to follow, but surprisingly, it is the powerful tip that is often overlooked.

While diving into new markets where languages and audiences are uncommon, walking on competitors' paths offers a hidden treasure trove of insights that can guide your strategy.

Competitor analysis is like getting a detailed map – it reveals the paths already taken, highlighting successful link-building strategies that resonate with local audiences. You don't have to reinvent the wheel; you can adapt and improve upon existing tactics.

Further, analyzing competitor backlinks also helps you understand cultural preferences, language choices, and online communities across regions. This will help you craft content relevant to your audience choice and reach out to your marketing strategies to be more culturally appropriate and effective.

Such advantages will help you find international backlinks easily and position your brand as an expert navigator in the complex landscape of global SEO.

But how will you find your competitor’s backlinks?

Tools like Ahrefs or Majestic provide detailed insights into competitor backlinks, their authority, and their impact on rankings. This quantitative data helps you prioritize your outreach efforts and focus on links that truly move the needle in your target market.

Moreover, by analyzing the backlinks of competitors, you will also be able to find competitors' strengths and weaknesses in link building; you can identify gaps and exploit them. You can target websites they haven't reached, develop more compelling outreach strategies, and ultimately outpace them in the local SERPs.

Leverage the Power of International Social Media

Consider this as one of the best International link-building tips.

Research, analyze, and select the popular social media platform that is widely used in your targeted region.

Apart from Facebook and Instagram, which are popular globally, each country has its preferred social media apps.

So, understand its landscape, the type of content people like, and the kind of audience the app has.


For example, WeChat in China and VKontake in Russia are popular social media apps that have a dominant presence in their respective markets.

A few more examples are:


This is popular in Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand. It is a messaging app like WhatsApp that also features timeline posts and stickers, and official business account holders can connect with users and promote their products and services.


A popular microblogging site in China, Weibo offers features like "X." Users can share, post, and build different content on the platform. It enables businesses to disseminate content, interact with their audience, and foster brand recognition within the Chinese market.


LinkedIn in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland helps professionals elevate their networking. Companies can create corporate pages, distribute content, and interact with users, effectively reaching a substantial segment of the online population in Russia and Germany using Xing.

So, once you decide on the platform you want to target, monitor and search for the type of content usually posted on those platforms. Try to fit your product/ brand, but of course, avoid copying the content of competitors and try something different to stand out.

Customize your content to align with the cultural preferences, interests, and values of your target countries. Overall, aim to present your products or services in a manner that resonates with the local audience.

Pro Tip: If you want to target the USA then you should go with TikTok rather than choose Twitter or Facebook. A report says that nearly half of the USA population uses TikTok, spending over 55.8 minutes per day.

3. Utilize Local Directories and Citation

Begin by identifying and listing your business on relevant local directories in your target international markets.

These directories serve as digital hubs where local audiences actively seek businesses and services.

For example, use Google My Business if you are targeting the USA or India:

Use Baidu Maps if you want to target China regions:

Use Bing Places for Business to target United Arab Emirates areas:

By having a presence on these platforms, your business gains visibility within the specific regions you are targeting.

This not only aids in attracting local traffic but also enhances your chances of securing valuable backlinks from authoritative local sources.

Further, accuracy is paramount when it comes to international link-building.

Ensure that your business information, including name, address, phone number (NAP), and other relevant details, is not only accurate but consistent across all platforms.

Search engines prioritize reliable and uniform information, and discrepancies can adversely impact your SEO efforts.

By maintaining precision in your business details, you not only instill confidence in potential customers but also bolster your credibility in the eyes of search engines, contributing to improved rankings and increased visibility.

Guest Post on International Website

Guest posting is one of the traditional ways to get backlinks from different regions and niches.

The method requires research that identifies a reputable website that aligns with your business values.

The website that you identify should not only have a significant audience but also maintain a strong reputation for providing valuable and authoritative content.

Consider following these steps to get backlinks through guest posting:

  • Identify reputable international blogs and websites relevant to your industry or niche.
  • Consider factors such as domain authority, audience engagement, and alignment with your brand.
  • Reach out to the editors or web admins of the identified platforms. You can reach out to the editor through emails. The email addresses are often mentioned at the bottom of the website or in the Contact Us section. You can even find the “write for us” button on the website to connect the editor.
  • You can follow this format to send email to get things done:

This format makes a substantial impact on the editor, and you may have a high chance of getting approved.

  • After getting approved, you need to craft content that integrates seamlessly with the host website's tone, style, and audience preferences.
  • Include the anchor text and add the relevant link to the text.
  • Submit the guest post to the platform and be open to any edits or suggestions from the editorial team.
  • Actively promote your guest posts across your digital channels, including social media and newsletters.
  • After the guest post is published, express gratitude and maintain a positive relationship with the platform.
  • Regularly monitor the performance of the backlinks generated from your guest posts.
  • Identify new opportunities for guest posting on different platforms.

After getting backlinks, keep monitoring its performance and also check your website traffic using Google Search Console.

Further, if you find improvement in traffic, you can repeat the process to find backlinks and gradually increase your traffic.

International guest post services facilitate global outreach by connecting businesses with relevant platforms.

By publishing guest posts on international websites, companies can tap into diverse audiences, build credibility, and establish themselves as industry leaders.

Case Study: How Viking Global Office Suppliers Take a Leap in Website Traffic with International link building services

The internet has made the world smaller, making it easier for businesses to reach people around the globe.

However, understanding how to do well in global SEO, especially when it comes to getting good backlinks, can be a bit overwhelming.

A leading global office supplier company Viking wants to target following market to increase their online sales and digital marketing share:

UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, and The Netherlands.

International link-building services play a crucial role in enhancing a website's global visibility and search engine rankings. By securing high-quality backlinks from diverse geographical locations, these services improve the site's authority and credibility.

The Challenge:

Sales and Market Share Increase: The primary challenge was to significantly boost online sales and solidify Viking's position by increasing its digital market share.

Localized SEO Expertise: Navigating the nuances of each target market demanded a localized SEO approach, ensuring enhanced website visibility and increased organic sales.

Social Media Community Building: The objective was to drive website traffic and elevate brand awareness by establishing and fostering local social media communities in key markets.

Strategic Market Targeting: Viking aimed to make an impact in targeted markets, including the UK, Ireland, Germany, The Netherlands, Austria, France, and Italy.


Dedicated In-House Team: Search Laboratory assembled an in-house team of 28 professionals, including 14 digital marketing specialists fluent in the nuances of each target market.

Tech-Driven Campaigns: The strategic use of proprietary software suites, namely SEOLab™ and LinkLab™, played a pivotal role in planning, delivering, and managing effective campaigns.

Content Strategy Brilliance: The team developed a meticulous product-focused content strategy, complemented by creative campaigns designed to resonate with diverse audiences.

Insightful Market Research: Market research was conducted in each territory to identify growth opportunities, ensuring a data-driven and targeted approach.

Media Relations Mastery: Leveraging the capabilities of LinkLab™, the team orchestrated outreach efforts to global media relations databases, amplifying brand exposure.


The efforts yielded exceptional outcomes:

Visibility Boost: Austria experienced a remarkable 140% increase in organic visibility, while France saw a 60% surge.

Link Building Success: The campaign not only surpassed the initial link target but achieved a 390% increase, securing high-quality external links and brand exposure.

Social Media Community Growth: Viking witnessed an 82% increase in the size of its European social media community, marking a significant win in building brand awareness.

Revolutionized Approach: Viking's search marketing strategy underwent a revolutionary transformation, solidifying its standing as the foremost ecommerce vendor for office supplies globally.

Key Takeaways:

The enduring partnership between Viking and Search Laboratory exemplifies the power of a strategic collaboration, fostering growth in the dynamic digital landscape.

The success of the campaign underscores the importance of tailoring SEO strategies to local markets, ensuring heightened visibility and increased organic sales.

Crafting a meticulous content strategy, complemented by creative campaigns, proves instrumental in resonating with diverse audiences and driving engagement.

In-depth market research is a cornerstone for identifying growth opportunities, enabling data-driven decision-making and targeted campaigns.

The campaign's tangible outcomes, including increased organic visibility, link-building success, and social media community growth, underscore the effectiveness of a well-executed digital marketing strategy.

This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of international guest posting as a powerful tool for link-building and improving international SEO.

By partnering with skilled link-building for international SEO service providers and focusing on quality content, the wearable company achieved significant results.

It proves that a well-executed guest posting strategy can be a game-changer for businesses looking to expand their global reach.

Start Creating Your International Link Today

With these handy international link-building tips, your work of creating backlinks in the global region will surely be easy.

However, creating international links is not easy; it requires experience, skills, and patience. Getting in touch with an experienced link-building company is advisable.


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