IoT in the Kitchen

June 17, 2023
David Sunnyside

Smart devices in the kitchen make cooking easier for any cook. They can preheat the oven, recite recipes, and convert complex measurements for you.

Smart appliances can send you notifications if they detect an issue such as a fire or a power outage. They also monitor energy consumption to save you money on utility bills.

1. Convenience

With smart kitchen appliances, the technology is integrated into the equipment itself. This means that it is possible to connect these devices to the internet and monitor their functionality, even if you are not in the kitchen.

For example, if you forget to switch off your coffee maker or want to preheat the oven before leaving for work, all you need to do is send a command to your Wi-Fi connected device from your phone and it will do what you’ve asked it to. Being physically present in the kitchen is no longer necessary.

Smart monitoring is also being used to help reduce food waste by tracking refrigeration temperatures, allowing restaurants to receive automatic alerts to prevent cooler contents from spoiling. This technology could save foodservice companies 15% in annual costs.

2. Energy Efficiency

Many connected appliances are designed with energy efficiency in mind. They can automatically reduce their electricity use when the power rates are lowest, without any manual action from users. Some smart devices like refrigerators and dishwashers can even cut your electric bill by monitoring food and beverage consumption and reducing waste.

In addition, smart kitchen appliances can monitor equipment performance and notify users of issues. This can prevent equipment failure and other costly problems in the future.

For example, a smart coffee maker can send a notification to your mobile device when it is time to add water. This feature can save you a trip to the kitchen and save time and energy. It also ensures that you always have a fresh cup of coffee every morning!

3. Save Time

For anyone who has ever been in the kitchen, a smart appliance is a game changer. These devices can do many tasks that would otherwise require manual labor, allowing you to spend more time on other chores.

For example, smart ovens can preheat from anywhere in the house with the tap of an app or even your voice. They can also send alerts if they’re left on and adjust temperature settings automatically to keep food safe.

Other smart appliances can order groceries for you, recite recipes when you cook or convert complex measurements with just a few keystrokes. This saves a lot of time and helps people avoid wasted ingredients. They can also monitor and troubleshoot equipment problems and run performance checks to avoid costly downtime.

4. Healthy Cooking

If cooking isn’t your forte, a smart appliance will help you make healthier food at home. Smart ovens have features that monitor and control temperature settings automatically, reducing human error and saving energy. Some even preheat while you’re out of the house so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn on an oven.

Connected refrigerators also offer more convenient and useful features, such as a mobile app that shows core energy usage and costs. Plus, they can send alerts on anything from a clogged lint filter to an open fridge door. This level of connectivity also prevents equipment failure, improves operational efficiency and reduces waste. The possibilities are endless for the smart kitchen. Contact TriMark today to learn more.

5. Safety

Unlike older appliances, smart kitchen gadgets are capable of alerting homeowners to problems they might otherwise have missed. This is especially true of LG's ThinQ technology, which can send notifications on compatible devices like smartphones, TVs, and watches that a washing cycle is finished or that the oven has been left on.

These smart home devices also provide insights into your nutritional habits and energy consumption, allowing you to live a healthier lifestyle. They can even preheat your oven and place an order for groceries when you're running low on supplies.

And while there are skeptics who believe that connecting refrigerators and ovens to the Internet is a bad idea, many consumers are already seeing the benefits of this new technology. For more information on installing smart appliances in your Clarkston home, contact a local appliance company today.

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