Ironside Fiend Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

ironside fiend review

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A top city lawyer takes on a case of police brutality with the result that his client's daughter ends up dying from a brain hemorrhage. Det Sgt. Brown is accused of beating up Barbara Chase, Susan O'Connell, when he went to her apartment at Frddie's Pad in the height-hashbury district to check out her use of drugs. Barbara was a clean cut high school girl by day and a unkempt acid tripping hippie by night who was freaking out on drugs when Sgt. Brown showed up to arrest her. He tried to subdue her and she fell into a convulsion and died soon after.

While this movie isn't a great thriller and the acting by Stephen Lack and Jennifer O'Neill is bland it is still fairly enjoyable. Michael Ironside, who has made a career out of playing psychotic characters, is quite good as the villain Revok and really dominates his scenes. It also features a bit of interesting mind melding mind control stuff. So if you're looking for a fun way to waste an evening this one is worth checking out.

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