Is Switching to Green Packaging a Financially Wise Decision?

December 24, 2022

5 Reasons More Brands Are Shifting to Sustainable Packaging

The choices you make regarding the packaging of your goods must always be considered, regardless of whether you are managing a fulfillment center or a physical store on the corner of the street. Gone are those days when packaging used to be a mere tool to protect the product, as nowadays, packaging serves various purposes. 

With people and businesses becoming more concerned about the type of packaging used for specific products, the rise of eco-friendly or sustainable packaging is no surprise. Over time, the number of vendors of eco-friendly packaging has increased, and so does the number of firms using it. Besides saving the product from damage, eco-friendly packaging allows businesses to protect the environment. 

But since money is always on the priority list in every decision-making process, it is okay to think about how much you will be spending after switching to green packaging. And above all, whether switching to green packaging is a financially wise decision or not? Let’s find out through this blog post. 

Shipping Costs Gets Reduced Because of Lightweight Packaging

All the environmentally concerned businesses are now switching to sustainable packaging materials like reusable pallet straps because they are more lightweight than traditional packaging materials; thus, the overall shipping cost is automatically reduced. Plus, using sustainable materials produces less waste, which might be why green packaging materials have become industry favorites. 

The reduction in shipping costs allows businesses to cut down costs on transportation without compromising on the quality, speed, and safety of the transportation system. Some popular packaging materials companies are now using are plastic films, jute, and pulp. 

Streamlined Return Process Minimizes Logistic Headaches

eCommerce has to deal with a higher rate of returns in comparison to all the brick-and-mortar shops. Soon, those returns start piling up and become a logistic bottleneck for any company. This is why it has become imperative for businesses to develop smart, optimized packaging designs using green packaging solutions like reusable pallet steps, green bubble wraps, and much more. 

All eCommerce companies now include a return package and product shipment. Customers find it easy to return items because of this, but the environment and the company's packaging costs suffer. So, instead of including a return package, companies can design packaging that can be used both to ship and return the product. 

Sustainable Packaging Saves in the Longer Run 

The environmental benefits of sustainable packaging surpass the initial cost, but the only industry that has some way to go before this becomes a standard status quo is the fashion industry. 

For many companies, the price of sustainable packaging materials like packing straps is the biggest concern. And many companies admit that cost is the most significant factor stopping them from switching to green packaging. But all these companies are just looking at the current switching expenses rather than considering the benefits they will enjoy in the long run. 

By switching to sustainable packaging, companies can save on plastic tax, which came into force in April 2022. According to this, you must pay tax if you manufacture more than 10 tonnes of plastic. Also, you get to work on innovative designs that allow you to reuse the packaging, and thus you save much money. 

Is Switching From Traditional Packaging to Green Packaging Worth It?

Indeed, switching from traditional packaging to eco-friendly packaging materials like pallet covers might seem expensive and complex, but while sticking with the standard packaging, you are polluting the air, water, and ground and killing many animals and fishes. 

In addition, you are losing a massive base audience that is now ready to pay more for sustainable packaging since they are more concerned about the environment. Also, sustainable packaging options like pallet covers can be one of the most effective parts of your CSR campaign, and you can even stand out from the shelves and the websites. 

Working with a reputable vendor is one of the critical considerations you need to make when selecting green packaging alternatives like packing straps. Many vendors offer green packaging solutions, but you must choose based on their experience, reputation, review, and commitment. 

Sticking with the traditional packaging might not look like a bad idea in the short run, but when all your competitors would have switched to green packaging and your product will not reach the cart of the customers just because of traditional packaging, it will hurt your business in the worst possible way. 

Above all, you don’t need to be concerned about the price of sustainable packaging since green packaging solutions allow you to save in the long run, and you even leave a positive impact on the mind of the customers.

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