USB TV Stick: Is the Fire TV Stick Worth It?

September 15, 2020

USB TV Stick

Amazon Fire TV stick is perhaps one of the most affordable streamers you will find on the market. However, you might be wondering whether it is worth your money. There is no denying that the TV stick is provided with ample features. However, can you use it with ease? Let us take a look at what this streamer has to offer. I just love using my USB TV Stick.

The pros of Fire TV stick

One of the best things about this product is its affordability. Its voice features are quite impressive too. Those who own Echo Dot can control the streamer with Alexa. Furthermore, the app selection will leave you impressed. Using the voice feature, you can access most of the apps you are likely to use. Basically, it has everything that you are likely to need in a TV stick.

The video quality gives you little reason to complain, and it is quite responsive as well. You can control the volume and power of TV via the remote.

Thus, despite its low price, it does offer some fantastic features due to which you might not regret it if you opt for this product.

Cons of the item

The biggest issue with the TV stick is that its user interface promotes movies and TV shows, not only from Amazon but also from its partners. Thus, it can be highly annoying to surf through the various things you do not interest in.

Final words

The Fire TV stick by Alexa is cheap and undoubtedly works better than a TV-control remote. It might be an excellent option if you own an Alexa speaker and wish to control your TV hands-free by talking. It does not lag in functionality.

However, if you want simplicity and do not want to be bombarded with promotions, you might want to look at other options. What do you think of the USB TV stick? Read more about other tech gadgets on Tech-Exclusive.

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