Is Verizon 5G Home Internet Good? A Comprehensive Evaluation

May 1, 2024

Verizon 5G Home Internet: An In-Depth Review

A Broad Overview

Verizon 5G Home Internet renders a new-age wireless solution for home Internet access. Available in approximately 900 cities, the service has over three million customers as of the fourth quarter of 2023. Unlike traditional fixed wireless services, it offers faster download speeds, capable of reaching near-gigabit speeds in certain regions and focuses on major metro regions where 5G infrastructure is developed.

The Working of Verizon 5G Home Internet

Verizon's service is a fixed wireless connection that uses a receiver to pick up Verizon's signal and broadcast it as a Wi-Fi network. The setup and installation of the Verizon Home Internet Gateway are fairly easy and it comes with a built-in Wi-Fi router. However, it’s worth noting that the quality of cell service in your area affects the speeds received.

Pricing and Plans

Verizon offers straightforward pricing with two plans: 5G Home at $50 per month and 5G Home Plus at $70 per month. Customers appreciate the absence of data caps, contracts, or hidden fees. Additional discounts are also available for customers with existing qualifying Verizon 5G mobile plans.

Perks and Problems

Verizon offers a slew of perks including covering early termination fees, a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, and discounts for bundling with Verizon mobile plans. However, some customers reported issues with account creation, inaccuracies in IP address geo-location, and the limitations of the built-in Wi-Fi router. Frequent IP address changes, due to the short DHCP lease time, can be particularly challenging, causing interruptions to various online services.

Has Verizon Leapfrogged Its Competition?

When compared to competitors like T-Mobile and Starry, there are definite differences in various aspects such as pricing, speeds, and coverage areas. With Verizon, there have been few instances of internet connection downtime, which could be potentially resolved by power cycling the gateway.

Experience of Verizon 5G Home Internet Users

The experiences of customers have varied, with some expressing satisfaction with the faster speeds and reliability compared to cable internet. Yet, others have had an adverse experience with intermittent connections and marked fluctuations in speed from morning to night, resulting in unsatisfactory service.

Performance Testing

Testing for quality of service yielded mixed reviews. Some users experienced terrific service quality with no outages over long periods of time, while others faced regular VPN disconnections caused by short DHCP lease times and inconsistent download speeds ranging from 300 Mbps to as low as 20 Mbps. It was also noted that there was a slight dip in performance when switching from ethernet to Wi-Fi with increased latency and slower file transfers.

Verizon 5G Home Internet for Streaming and Gaming

Download speeds from Verizon 5G home internet are typically suitable for small to mid-sized households with regular gaming, streaming, and Zoom calls on numerous devices. However, the service was noted as lacking consistency for applications like video calls, streaming, and gaming. For serious bandwidth requirements, a faster internet connection may be necessary.

Pulling It All Together

While Verizon 5G Home Internet does offer speed and reliability for some, others have shared contrary experiences. It's important to remember that these service inconsistencies could be due to a myriad of factors such as area of residence, number of users, and more. Therefore, prospective customers should consider testing the service through the 30-day trial before fully committing to it.

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