Is Your Child Having a Hard Time with Chinese? Get a Chinese Tutor in Singapore

November 5, 2022
Justin Lumiere

Foreigners are surprised to learn that many Singaporeans struggle with their mother tongue language subject at school. This is because Singapore is unique when it comes to language usage. The majority of Singaporeans use their second language – English – as their main language in general communication and business. And since English as a subject is already a handful to learn, having another language subject like Chinese can be more than most students can handle. Learning Chinese strokes, phrasing, comprehension, and grammar can be difficult for students who have been used to speaking and listening to English since birth. Mastering the master tongue is not only valuable in the future, but it is also vital in appreciating and understanding Singapore’s identity and culture. Thus, to help students go forward, parents should seek out a quality private Chinese tutor in Singapore.


A private Chinese tutor is actually affordable in Singapore

This is probably the first thing that parents worry about. Of course, rates may vary a little depending on where your home is located and the level of qualification and experience of the Chinese tutor. Rates usually start at S$25 up to S$130 per hour. Despite the affordable rates, these Chinese tutors have a level of experience and good teaching that is of high quality. A top and recognised Chinese tuition agency will match the best tutor to the student’s needs, preferences, and weaknesses.


Chinese tutors can really help

Aside from the rate, parents also worry about the quality of the tutor and how they can help their children rise out of their difficulties. The rightly matched tutor can help any child understand the subject and topics in better ways and provide the ability to answer questions correctly in all exams. A tutor is a great help even if the child is suffering from Chinese as their weakest subject or has never been exposed to spoken or written Chinese.


Tutors teach and answer in English

Since students already speak and converse more in English, experienced tutors teaching Chinese will converse and answer questions in English so the students can understand better and will not hesitate to ask more questions for clarification. This is a plus, especially for students who are really weak in Chinese and have a hard time asking questions in Chinese about Chinese.


Tutors tend to make learning bearable by showing its future use

Many tutors try to make maths or other tutored subjects fun to learn. Why not Chinese? Tutors will make learning Chinese fun and interesting by showing how it can be used in the future, such as when it is used to talk to other Chinese speakers, or as an avenue for career advancement. Tutors will make tutoring sessions more personalised, interactive, and adaptive to the student’s weaknesses and strengths. After all, every student deserves to learn better so that the language becomes useful in the student’s future adult life.


Chinese tuition sessions aren’t that hard

Of course, students still need to put in hard work during tutoring sessions. There is no such thing as “easy learning” especially in learning the Chinese language. However, Chinese tuition is done privately in a quiet corner of your own home, one-to-one between student and tutor, and only twice or three times a week in one-hour sessions. The tutor adapts to the student’s pace. No classroom hassles or fast-paced teaching to contend with. Experienced tutors expose their students to supplementary resources, practice examinations, and learning techniques that won’t be found in classrooms. Tutors seek out motivations for the student’s continued interest to be eventually fluent in spoken and written Chinese. Aside from improving learning, the student’s grades in the subject will gradually improve.


It is nice to master a second language such as English. But to be able to speak in your mother tongue is a blessing for the present and the future. It opens the avenues towards better understanding and comprehension of one’s roots, culture, and identity. After all, one strength of a powerful nation is for its people to fully embrace its culture and identity, and this can be achieved by learning the mother tongue. For your child’s learning improvement, hire a qualified Chinese tutor in Singapore through



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