Iskn Review - A Review of the Slate

July 8, 2023
David Sunnyside

A cool invention of french starter company iskn, slate is a drawing board that digitizes your paper drawings! Designed to replace traditional sketch pads and pencils with digital art, the slate is easy-to-use & convenient for both the beginners and professionals. Just slip the small ring on any pen or felt tip and it will immediately transfer your art to the screen, thanks to a technology built into the app.

To do this, the device is equipped with 32 low-power 3-axis magnetometers that track the magnetic ring fitted on any pen or pencil and create a live digital copy in its native app called Imagink which works for iPads, PCs or Macs. The resulting drawings are very similar to what you can do on a graphic tablet, but with a little more unforgiving, since the lines won’t be modified with CTRL+Z like it’s the case with digital drawing.

Another cool thing about slate is that it lets you replay your whole drawing process! You can watch the way you draw on your screen or even export a video of the drawing you just did, to share with friends.

This is great for those moments when ideas strike while you’re on the move or somewhere that mobile devices aren’t allowed. It’s also very useful for jotting down notes, doodling or simply drawing small motifs and organic shapes! The only downside I can see is the fact that it’s limited to A5 format paper, so you won’t be able to use it to draw bigger or more elaborate sketches (that require a larger drawing surface to make sure you get your perspective right). If they add this feature, I’d definitely consider buying one.

David Sunnyside
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