Jamstik Studio MIDI Guitar Review

April 15, 2023
David Sunnyside

jamstik studio midi guitar review

MIDI is an elusive protocol that’s slowly finding its way into the world of guitar equipment, mainly through complex preset-switching and keeping lots of digital pedals happy. But MIDI is also capable of much more than that, and the Jamstik Studio is a great way to get a taste of this potential.

How it works

Essentially, the Jamstik is a fully-featured controller that can transmit MIDI data via USB-C, Bluetooth, or a 3.5mm TRS MIDI output (via the included 3.5mm to DIN MIDI cable). It also has a battery that keeps it running if you don’t connect to a computer.

It’s a great way to learn how to play music on your guitar without having to buy a bunch of expensive gear, and there are a few apps that you can download that will help you get started with the Jamstik Studio MIDI. The first is Jamstik Connect, which will guide you through the process of connecting your device to an iPad, iPhone or Macbook.

Another app is Jamstik Tutor, which will teach you how to play the guitar. This app has two main interfaces: one sets a goal for you to achieve and teaches you how to reach that point, while the other shows a 2D drawing of where your fingers are positioned on the fretboard and teaches you how to move them around.

The Jamstik Creator software is an essential part of using this device, as it allows you to adjust global and per-string sensitivity, tuning utilities, alternate tuning setup, sensor calibration, and a number of other ways to customise the MIDI data output. These settings are then remembered by the guitar’s internal hardware, and are a vital part of making sure your performance is always accurate.

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