Jazz Concert Review Essays

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

jazz concert review essays

The jazz concert I attended was a wonderful experience that was different from the other concerts I have seen. This was a more laid back atmosphere. The musicians seemed to enjoy performing the music and the audience seemed to appreciate it as well.

The music started off with a very soothing piano solo by Lincoln Antonio. The rhythm was so beautiful and it captivated the audience. The bass and drums made a perfect harmony with the saxophone adding high notes to the melody. The next song was by the Focal Jazz II group and it had a more uplifting beat. The saxophone was so beautiful and the tempo was fast in some parts of the song and lower and relaxing in other places.

The band 'Free to Be' is a great example of how hard bop can sound and how it is very American. It is a great piece for people to listen to if they are looking for a great concert that has a variety of emotions and moods. It also has some great scatting and it is very fast paced. This concert is definitely a must see for all jazz lovers and it will have you wondering how they do it so amazing. This is a concert that I will definitely be going to again in the future.

David Sunnyside
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