Joy Systems Review

July 8, 2023
David Sunnyside

The joy systems review article begins by providing a brief overview of the current state of knowledge about joy as an emotion. It then outlines an overarching framework for defining joy and for organizing future psychological research into the phenomenon.

The defining characteristics of joy include positive mood, changes in visual perception (colors seem brighter), motor behavior (physical movements feel freer and easier, smiling happens unintentionally), and characteristic changes in cognition (thinking and attention are broadened and exercised in creative ways). Joy also involves feelings of freedom, safety, and ease. Moreover, in addition to these proximal effects of joy, joy may also help people build new cognitive and behavioral schemas that facilitate resilience to future obstacles or threats.

One key challenge in studying joy is the fact that most existing experimental paradigms for assessing its existence and magnitude only involve Western populations. It is therefore important for psychologists to make an effort to study how different cultures think about and experience joy, as well as to determine whether cultural differences are a factor in defining and measuring this emotion.

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