Justin Bieber - Anyone Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

After a year of haphazard and often cringe-inducing pop, Justin Bieber's back with another stab at redemption. Thankfully, 'Anyone' isn't nearly as bad as the likes of 'Yummy' or 'Justice' but it still feels disingenuous and performative. Even if it's a step in the right direction, it's a for-the-fans endeavour that won't change any minds.

This is a love song, centred around the singer's wife, Hailey Baldwin. The pair are depicted in the Colin Tilley-directed video, which sees them rekindling their love as they train for a professional boxing match. It's a touching and earnest tale of romance that could appeal to anyone, but it's also a cliche heart-ache ballad fit for any teen drama.

It's the third track of the 'Changes' era and the first to feature a major collaboration. Bieber enlisted the help of rising R&B stars Daniel Caesar and Giveon on the sun-kissed 'Peaches', a slinky and sultry number that's as good as his vocally flexible best. Elsewhere, he attempts to impose big-tent pop upon himself -- whether in the John Hughes movie chords of 'Justice' or the runway-walk bop of 'Somebody'.

'Anyone' is a more sincere and genuine attempt at redemption, but it still feels trapped inside the kid he was over a decade ago. The producer credits include the mighty Andrew Watt and Jon Bellion, who provide an uplifting and melodic backdrop for the singer to strut his stuff on, with the acoustic guitar riffs lending a sense of warmth.

David Sunnyside
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