JVC LT-55UE76 Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

jvc lt55ue76 review

The jvc lt-55ue76 is an excellent LCD TV with some nice features, a solid design and very good picture quality. Its biggest weakness is its lack of support for digital TV inputs. There are two ATSC tuners but the user interface and menus don't support surfing analog and digital channels at the same time. There are also no DVI or VGA jacks and the manual says computer signals won't work through the HDMI in jack.

The 42DR9BJ's display is bordered by a thin, black gloss frame that extends about 3 inches below the screen to hold the speakers. The rest of the set is finished in silver, including the stand which juts forward from the back of the screen for better stability. The picture's sharpness is impressive from any angle and it can be adjusted to reduce glare on dark scenes. However, it suffers from a few common LCD issues like a few rogue color tones and smearing when objects move across the screen during camera pans.

The LT-32X787 has a healthy selection of features that's above average for 32-inch LCDs, including an ATSC tuner and the ability to display two different images side by side. Its picture controls include a dynamic gamma setting that seemed to decrease the brightness of blue but did a decent job on shadowy areas, as well as three picture modes that react to ambient light conditions to automatically adjust the screen's brightness. Other features include a sleep timer, a remote control lock and a recording calendar for iLink devices.

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