Ka Bar Mark 1 Review

May 26, 2023
David Sunnyside

The Ka-Bar is a military knife that was used in WWII. It is a large-bladed fighting knife that has that classic Bowie knife profile. It is a very popular knife with the Marines and has become an icon for that branch of the military. Although it is no longer standard issue for the Marines a lot of them still carry one on deployments and even have their cakes cut with a Ka-Bar! Its so well known that the name KA-Bar has become synonymous with the USMC fighting knife itself (like Kleenex is to tissue or La-Z-Boy is to recliners). The KA-Bar has a 7 inch blade and a generously sized handle. Its also a full-tang knife so it is very sturdy.

Its made of 1095 steel which is a very durable and hard metal. Its chromium and vanadium content helps it resist corrosion and hold an edge very well. The blade is powder coated for a good amount of protection. There are no lanyard holes on the KA-Bar but it does have 5 deep grooves in the handle and a flat pommel. That’s so you can use it with a mallet or piece of wood if needed to get some serious force into something.

The arcs of the handle feel very natural to grip. They are also molded to allow for a very secure grip. The hilt is a little different than some other knives in that it extends out on both sides of the blade. This makes it very easy to wire a spear or to lash the knife to a pole for support or use as a club in self defense situations. It also has a 2.5 inch fuller which reduces the weight of the knife without sacrificing strength. Its not a blood groove as some people claim it’s intended for but rather it’s meant to help the blade break apart when used in close quarters.

David Sunnyside
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