Kal Kan Dog Food Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

kalkan dog food review

Kal Kan only produces one dog food recipe which gives it the smallest product range of any brand we have reviewed. Their single adult maintenance recipe is a grain-based dry dog food which claims to meet AAFCO nutrition profiles for adult maintenance. The first ingredient in this formula is ground yellow corn which we do not consider to be a premium quality grain and has limited nutritional value for dogs. This is followed by a variety of meat proteins which may increase the risk of food allergies and also by vegetable protein sources such as potato and peas which are harder for dogs to digest. The food contains no probiotics and the minerals listed are not chelated which can make them difficult for dogs to absorb. This food also contains menadione which is linked to liver toxicity and autoimmune diseases in some dogs.

Using bison and venison as its primary animal proteins, this budget food from Taste of the Wild uses a high percentage of protein which is well above average for this price bracket and will help develop and maintain strong muscles in your pet. This is backed up by a good percentage of fat which will support healthy skin and coat as well as healthy immune function. This formula is also packed with a variety of fruits and vegetables which will add both flavor and nutrients to your pet’s diet and twelve whole vegetables including carrots, beets, tomatoes, cranberries, spinach, blueberries and apples.

David Sunnyside
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