Kawai MP7-SE Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

kawai mp7se review

The Kawai MP7-SE is a professional stage piano combining class leading action, hundreds of great sounds and superb real time control. It’s a 'play-it-all’ keyboard for flexible performers that refuse to accept compromise.

The MP7-SE boasts 256 impressive sounds, including the Shigeru Kawai SK-5 EX concert grand piano sound that has become a favourite with pianists across the world. Its class-leading Responsive Hammer II key-board action reproduces the touch of an acoustic grand piano, while a large graphic LCD display and four assignable realtime control knobs allow players to focus on playing without getting lost in the details.

256 note polyphony ensures you’ll never have to worry about notes dropping out, even when you are using the MP7-SE to layer and split sounds or apply high resolution effects. Its powerful audio processor elevates sonic realism further, with richly modelled resonances for acoustic pianos, warm-up EPs with a selection of analogue style amp sims and the ability to recreate distinctive reverb environments.

A logically organized panel interface makes it easy to get to the sounds you need, with 32 instruments per category (Pianos, E.Piano, Drawbar, Organ, Strings/Vocal, Brass & Wind X32 and Pad/Synth). 140 editable effects are included and the sound engine is highly tweakable. You can even save your SETUPs and songs on external USB memory devices, making it easy to play along with backing tracks or learn the chords and melody for a new song.

David Sunnyside
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