KEF Reference 5 Review

March 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

kef reference 5 review

If you are looking for a loudspeaker that has the potential to take your listening experience to new heights, then the kef reference 5 is a great choice. It combines the latest KEF acoustic innovations into an affordable and easy-to-use loudspeaker that will fit well into most modern living spaces.

MAT & the 12th generation Uni-Q driver array

KEF's 'Uni-Q' drivers are one of the most unique aspects of their speaker design. Rather than using conventional plastic bass and mid cones, they use aluminium alloys to allow for better response at higher frequencies by utilising 'cone neck control'. This is achieved by a resilient damping link between the cone and the voice-coil at higher frequencies which stops them breaking up or degenerating within the driver's passband.

The new Reference range, meanwhile, incorporates this technology into their Uni-Q arrays, delivering improved transparency and lifelike sound performance as well as a more natural acoustic experience. These acoustic improvements are complemented by Metamaterial Absorption Technology (MAT), which utilises a maze-like structure that effectively absorbs 99% of the unwanted sound produced by the rear of the tweeter, resulting in reduced distortion and more natural acoustic performance.

A good-quality and attractive loudspeaker

These speakers look very nice, combining a classic and traditional design with a slim front panel that ensures that they do not overpower your room. Their clean lines and minimalist aesthetic make them easy to position. They can be set up in either horizontal or vertical orientation, and KEF have included a pair of adjustable front and rear ports that are easily positioned to suit your needs.

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