KFC and Blizzard Team Up For Diablo 4

July 13, 2023
Justin Lumiere

KFC and Blizzard are joining forces to promote Diablo 4 with an exciting offer: customers ordering double Down will gain access codes for its first beta weekend.

The beta will be accessible to anyone ordering a Double Down through either app or website and issuing a code will give them entry to a closed beta that starts next week.

Early Access

With Diablo 4 set to release next week, KFC and Blizzard Entertainment have joined forces to give fans early access to its beta. This weekend marks its launch and players can get into it by ordering Double Down sandwiches via KFC's app or website - providing players with codes needed for early access beta playthrough. Fast food chains are not alone when it comes to supporting forthcoming video game releases; Burger King Japan ran an Lilith Spicy Tomato Double Whopper promotion just recently in Japan as well.

To participate in this promotion, simply purchase a Double Down sandwich from participating locations across the US and get a code that grants access to Blizzard's beta from March 17-19. Blizzard has also included five cosmetic rewards with your purchase such as the Vessel of Eleven which gives an increase to both attack and health statistics, the Dread Pheasant Slayer bow, Hand of Gallus polearm and Foul Reaper two-handed scythe.

This promotion will run until either the day before beta launches, or all codes have been redeemed, whichever comes first. While not for everyone, anyone willing to risk their physical wellbeing for such a devilish dish should enjoy some added bonuses in game.

KFC Double Down Coupon

Blizzard Entertainment and KFC recently collaborated to give gamers access to the Diablo 4 beta without having to pre-purchase. Simply order a Double Down sandwich through either KFC's website or app and receive an early access code for beta access. Thankfully, this offer has been extended into this week, giving fans access to an extra weekend of open beta through this same method of ordering their sandwiches.

Be quick if you want to take advantage of this offer as codes are limited and may run out quickly! The beta will run from March 17-19 and feature two acts from the game along with three playable classes - so be sure to act fast if this opportunity interests you! A full open beta release date has yet to be set so this could be your last chance before fully diving in next week.

While this offer might not be perfect for everyone, it's definitely worth giving it a try if you enjoy fried chicken and are passionate about gaming. From Double Down's return to cheap key acquisition through Chicken Little Sandwiches to taking family out to dinner while simultaneously getting codes, this partnership offered something special for all who participated.

KFC Double Down Promo Code

If you've been eyeing Diablo 4, now might be your opportunity to gain early access. Blizzard and KFC have joined forces to offer beta codes when customers purchase any Double Down sandwich from KFC until March 18 (or supplies run out), so if Lilith wants you to sacrifice your arteries hedonistically then don't delay! This promotion runs until supplies run out - act fast!

To get the code, visit either KFC's official app or website and place an order of any qualifying product. The promotion should be visible at the top of both pages, but to know when you have found it you will need to look out for its special Diablo 4 Early Access code label.

Purchasers of Double Down sandwiches will also receive one of five unique weapon cosmetic rewards for use in-game, such as the Vessel of Eleven Herbs & Spices, Dread Pheasant Slayer Bow, Hand of Gallus Polearm or Foul Reaper Two-Handed Scythe. Please be aware that only your initial sandwich counts towards this reward; to purchase additional sandwiches separately please use different email addresses when buying.

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