Kill Strain PS4 Review

April 15, 2023
David Sunnyside

kill strain ps4 review

MOBA Meets Shooter meets Strategy

Kill Strain is a new top-down PS4 game that’s been in the works for quite some time. It’s a free-to-play game that’s predicated on an intriguing five-against-two-against-five structure, where two human teams compete over a three-laned map to win the match and collect resources.

It also has a twist, as a third team of mutants battles both teams. The mutants have their own base, surrounded by a deadly substance called “Strin.” If a mutant is positioned on it (and a human isn’t), he becomes invisible and regenerates health.

In the match’s middle, both teams compete for control of a single resource point that drops canisters. Capturing it grants players a boost in the score, XP and experience points, and also allows them to level up their base turrets and towers.

There’s a lot to like about Kill Strain, but it falls short of being fun. The game has a great visual design, but once you’ve actually selected a character the allure dies down a bit and the gameplay feels a lot more bland than it did at the launch event.

The most glaring flaw, however, is that the game doesn’t provide any sort of clear result after each match has ended. While this isn’t a huge issue during the match itself, it becomes one once the game has been over and you’re stuck watching a bunch of other human players dragging dead or dying humans onto the “Strin” to become their own mutants.

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