Killer Instinct SWAT XP Crossbow Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

After years of research, design and testing, Killer Instinct is proud to introduce the all-new swat xp crossbow. This ultra-compact crossbow shoots a fierce 415 fps while offering unmatched balance, control and accuracy. The defining feature is the exclusive Killer Instinct Accutac Barrel System that defies the oscillation of crossbow bolts through added support and guidance as they travel down the rail. The system also improves high-speed broadhead flight trajectories regardless of the broadhead selected. This revolutionary system also includes a Broadhead Cage at the end of the Accutac Barrel that traps the broadhead and reduces the chance of accidentally bumping a bolt off track.

The swat xp crossbow review is designed with the user in mind and features a smartly designed center-balanced platform that eliminates the standard 'nose-heavy' feel of most crossbows. The centralized design of the scope, cams, grip and trigger makes this bow extremely balanced and comfortable to hold. This allows hunters to make rapid, accurate follow-up shots without having to use a rest.

This swat xp crossbow comes with a high-quality, mountable quiver that can hold up to five arrows. These arrows are made from carbon and have pre-installed field points. They are also equipped with a nock that is designed specifically for this bow. This nock is called an ARC nock and only a few other companies make this type of nock.

The swat xp is also equipped with a 3lb lightweight trigger that helps to make the most accurate shot possible. It has zero creep and a very short reset time to allow hunters to take advantage of the power of this bow at all distances. It also features a rope cocker to help with limb and string suppression.

David Sunnyside
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