Kim and Avva Review

May 27, 2023
David Sunnyside

Few television shows and films feature deaf characters in prominent roles, and even those that do sometimes misrepresent Deaf culture. Matlin's script and direction, coupled with authentic casting of deaf actors for Ava, KJ, and her lawyer, help to ensure that kim and avva review delivers an accurate portrayal of sign language as well as a deeper understanding of the Deaf experience.

Avva's clashes with Max and Jenny demonstrate that many hearing people see deafness as a problem that needs to be "fixed," primarily through cochlear implants. For Ava, this represents a form of mutilation that threatens her daughter's cultural identity.

The story also reveals the complex relationship between avva and her daughter, who has converted to Christianity and rejects shamanism. This clash of traditions is what ultimately leads Avva to kidnap her daughter. This climax reflects the real-life struggle that Deaf parents face when deciding what is best for their children. It also underscores the importance of understanding the cross-cultural experiences that occur when a deaf person moves between different worlds.

David Sunnyside
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