Kimball Baby Grand Piano Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

kimball baby grand piano review

A great opportunity to acquire a very nice baby grand piano at a very affordable price. This beautiful kiln dried mahogany grand piano was built in 1928 during the 'Golden Age' of piano building in America. Built in the Louis XVI style with 6 carved legs, this piano has a stunning appearance and will compliment any home decor. This acoustic piano has an outstanding tone for such a small instrument and will be fully restored to like-new condition, inside and out. The piano will also be equipped with the Pianomation player system so that it can play music from any iPod or digital device, enabling you to entertain your guests in style without ever having to lift a finger!

The Kimball Piano Company was founded by W.W. Kimball in 1888 and grew to be one of the world's leading piano manufacturers at that time. In addition to the Kimball name, they were a subcontractor for many other piano brands including Dunbar, Harrison, Hinze and Whitney.

From a monetary perspective, very few old pianos are worth the cost to undergo significant rework, and Kimballs typically are not one of them. However, if the piano has significant sentimental value to you, then it is worth talking to a rebuilder about it. In my experience, a complete rebuild of a small grand piano costs approximately $5,000 and will leave you with a very nice instrument that will outperform any modern upright piano in the 48"+ size range.

David Sunnyside
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