Kingdom Hearts 3 Review

April 15, 2023
David Sunnyside

kh3 review embargo

The long-awaited sequel to 2005's Kingdom Hearts has finally launched for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One today. But while the game is a big hit with critics, it's also got its share of problems.

First and foremost, the game's story has been a mess. The game's pacing is off, the villains' motivations aren't fully explained, and Sora's quest to visit all the Disney worlds has no clear reason. Those problems add up to make KH3 a frustrating and unsatisfying experience.

Second, KH3 feels like a muddled joyride that offers nothing in the way of a satisfying ending. The story has been rewritten, the characters who helped Sora in the past are no longer around, and Sora's quest to save the day is crammed into three hours that lack any direction or feeling of completion.

Third, the game's music and voice acting aren't as good as the series' previous entries. The score is bland, the characters don't have as many lines, and the dialogue is rushed and clunky.

Fourth, Sora's battles are too easy and repetitive. He's commanded to attract enemies with an "attraction flow" system that isn't as fluid or dynamic as the previous games.

Fifth, the game's story doesn't feel as epic as KH2's and doesn't explain the new villain's motivations. The ending feels contrived and cheapens the sacrifice Sora has had to endure for so long.

The game's review embargo lifts on January 24th, and we can expect scores from outlets across the world soon. Check back for our round-up when it happens!

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