Klipsch Kho-7 Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

If you’re looking for a pair of outdoor speakers that strike a balance between aesthetics and utility, look no further than the kho-7. These versatile speakers are made to withstand any weather conditions, so you can enjoy your music regardless of the season. They’re also energy-efficient, requiring less power to create audio.

The Klipsch kho-7 features a 5.25" poly cone woofer and 1" silk dome compression driver tweeter loaded with the exclusive 90° x 40° Tractrix Horn design. This horn technology allows the speaker to deliver lifelike sound with greater efficiency than conventional speakers. In addition, the kho-7 is built to withstand the elements and comes with a UV-resistant rustproof ABS cabinet and a rustproof aluminum grille and hardware.

These speakers come with 50-foot copper wires that make it easy to connect them to your home’s entertainment system. They can be mounted on a wall or fence using the included mounting brackets. The grilles are also removable, so you can paint them to match your home’s decor. They’re also easy to clean by simply wiping off dirt with a damp cloth.

The kho-7 is the best-selling outdoor speaker from the Klipsch brand. It’s affordable and has a great sound range. It has a 92 dB sensitivity rating, which means it can be louder than many competing models. It is also stereo-style, which provides a better sound range than mono speakers. The Klipsch kho-7 is a good choice for anyone who wants a high-quality speaker at an affordable price.

David Sunnyside
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