Klipsch Rf 82 II Review

April 15, 2023
David Sunnyside

klipsch rf 82 ii review

The Klipsch rf 82 ii is a floor standing speaker that has many incredible features and signature qualities that makes it one of the best speakers out there. This speaker has a more open sound signature and updated driver's systems that provide you with a complete music experience.

The horn technology used in the Klipsch rf 82 combines precision, clarity and effortless power to produce sensational dynamic peaks and crispness that will excite your emotions. This horn technology also reduces sound distortion and improves durability to provide you with a high-quality speaker.

There are a lot of great features in the klipsch rf 82 ii that you will love including the dual cone woofers which are Cera metallic and around 8 inches in diameter. These woofers provide you with the extra thump that everybody loves to hear.

These woofers have 1400 Hz of crossover and a sensitivity level of 98db. They are highly efficient as well as deliver robust bass and feel punchy to most people.

I loved the bass in this speaker, especially on rock and electronic material. I felt that it was the best in its class and rivaled those of more expensive speakers.

The midrange had a good amount of character, but it lacked refinement and speed. It tended to focus more on the thump of the drums than the delicate detail and pacing.

This is a big speaker that can be overwhelming, but with the proper amplifier, it will not have a problem filling out your room and giving you a full-fledged music experience. I'm looking forward to seeing how it will compare with its more expensive competitors in the future, but if you're willing to accept a little less subtlety and a little more weight in the top end, this speaker is well worth checking out.

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